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07-09-23  Cesky Krumlov
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Cesky Krumlov - Day 1

21 September 07

(8:45) Sitting in the train station, ready to go to Cesky Krumlov. I found a Communist mural/memorial here in the station. I want to take a pic but I'm embarrassed.

There are little casino parlors all over.

(22:05) The first interesting thing today was getting off the train and onto a bus to travel around some track repair... or something. An elderly lady told me in something in Czech, then another lady said, "Come!" Saw some very pretty small towns.

The train was slooow. I asked the train guy in Czech where my transfer was. A successful conversation in minimal Czech. I understood "It's over there" and said, "I don't understand" when he just started talking on and on.

I went for a walking tour at 7:30pm. I was the only paying person, but the guide is friends with the owners of Krumlov House, the first hostel in CK. Their parents are in town so tehy joined us. It was v. good. Learned a lot about the history of the town. CK was part of the Sudentenland, so by WWII 70% of the residents were Germans. After the war they kicked out all the Germans so the population severely decreased and the area was poor. The Nazi's has enough sense to realize the area was worth preserving (the original town was built in the 1200's) and then the area was pretty much ignored by the Communist government. This ended up saving the historic buildings, even though there was a lot of disrepair. Even the industrial revolution didn't really touch the area. The town is now a UNESCO site so there has been UNESCO and EU funding for a while and the little town center is all redone, beautiful, touristy.

When I got off the train and walked down to the town the air smelled like Fall, but it was nice and warm. There were kids walking home from school and it was pretty much perfect. Good for the sould after all that city.

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