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07-01-31  Ko Samui
07-01-23  Bangkok
07-01-16  Mae Suai
07-01-06  Mae Suai
07-01-05  Mae Suai
yay Thailand

Katie here updating our travel journal for the first time....well to be perfectly honest this is the first time I've even looked at this thing. Oh well! Anyway back to the update! We have now been at Children of the Goldgen Triangle for 12 days! The boys are still working hard and us girls are still in the classrooms. However, us girls have now had a 4 day weekend. We took a little trip yesterday and today is some holiday and the kids don't have school!

Last weekend on Sunday our team and a few other took some kids and rode elephants. It was really fun and each of us got two kids to ride with us. They were all very happy and so were we. Two of the ladies that went with us ended up paying for all of us to eat, it was such a blessing!!! It was beautiful where we went and we got a lot of pictures that we will add ASAP!

As the team was planning on leaving Thursday, we have decided to leave on Monday instead. Just so that we aren't in the middle of a project or in the middle of teaching the kids something. Afterwards we are most likely heading down to Ko Samui (how and exactly when I'm not too sure...but soon! very soon!) As much as we love these kids we are excited for the beach as well!!

We went to Burma yesterday HOWEVER we didn't count and our visa expires on the 13th which means that we have to pay 500 baht per person because we leave on February 14th. It's really not that big of a deal...but we were one day off!!

Continued prayer for Mel would be excellent....she has/had a staff infection. The sores are looking actually worse but we are hoping that just means that the anti-biotics are getting rid of the infection. General health prayer would be nice, we are all sort of feeling it here or there! Guidance as well...even though we know where we are going, just that God will clearly direct us...each place we go! And for BENY as he is coming to see us soon (and we are all REALLY excited!) that he travels safe.

WE LOVE YOU ALL and you guys are in our prayers! We will update soon!

God Bless!

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