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Beach Bums

We're now busy doing nowt but sun ourselves and generally laze about.
Had a few trips out to a couple of different beaches up and down rthe coast. Went to Candolim and did a bit of body boarding, practice for my surfing in Oz.... we'll maybe... Claire and Zoe seem to be the experts though, it must be because they are the lightest, but then Baz should be best.......

It's red hot all the time, currently got the best tan i've ever had in my life, and it's only going to get better as we'll probably be having summer for the next year or so...

Spent a day feeling rough today, been on the booze quite a bit since the holiday-makers have joined us.....
Yesterday we went on a boat trip to some islands off the coast, free beer and a bar-b-q, we were reaching a very high fun factor until we got told we had to set off back to the mainland as the wind was picking up and the sea was 'a bit choppy'.
I'd hate to see what it's like when it get's rough..... we were battling against massive waves breaking over the bows of our rubbish little finshing boat, ended up with about 6 inch of water sloshing around our feet.
Did a bit of fishing then, Tat caught the biggest, about 5 inch long, a whopper, Zoe was a close second, then ste, then baz, a tiddler, Me, Paul and Claire we're left with nothing bit a half nibbled prawn...

Last night we all went out and got drunk again, this time at the primrose (hippy trance club) brandy and coke seems to be our drink of choice at the moment, you get a big massive double for about 40p and the beer's about 50p, a recipe for disaster in ls28.

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