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Waking up early the next morning, beyond our wills by the irksome rooster, we headed back for Moorea Tattoo. That morning, James was scheduled to do a traditional Polynesian tattoo and invited us to come along to view the session. His friend, Jimmy, was helping out, and they took us along in James’ 4WD again.

“Made this out of pig bone last night”
“Really? Wow”

A sharp edge of the pig bone was strapped to the end of a wooden stick. James got to work quickly and free-handed the design on his human canvas and before you knew it; the rat-a-tat-tat of the knocking sticks could be heard. Whilst waiting for the tattoo to eventuate, we went down the street and had more crepes at a little boat café on the side of the road. After 2.5 hours, the tattoo was visible and although it revealed rough work, the ink would spread in time and eventually, heal into a classic design.

Not having much planned for the day, we spent the morning lying on the Intercontinental beach whilst James and Jimmy went for more beer after a hard morning’s work. At noon, they came back and Jimmy arranged to take us out on an Intercontinental boat to the surrounding motus (small islets). On one of the larger ones, we stopped and had a delicious lunch of fresh goat’s cheese Tahitian-style prawn curry, Poisson Cur and a home-made chocolate tart. Bellies filled, we took to the shallow lagoon and laid in the crystal clear waters.

“This is amazing. I can see my feet through these waters!”
“Uhuh…and over there, it is blue. And there, it is green!”
“You can even see all the little fishes. Look at them swimming right next to you”

Tempted by the little fishes, we went in search for more. We waded out and having only one set of snorkeling gear, Mish dived into the waters only to be amazed by the ever vibrant underwater world. Fishes of all shapes and sizes. After awhile, whilst making her way back to the shore where Iva sat soaking up the sun, she broke into a mad run

“Puppy! Pup! Come here! Quick! Quick!!”
“What? Whaa…t?”
“Quick, look at this ray!”

Splash splash splash…the ray swam graciously by the shallow waters unperturbed.

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