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Creed and the Cab Driver

The longer I'm here, the more I realize how diverse Korea is. You have old building amongst the new, you have a building being built while next door a building is being torn down. This is mainly because the population boom in Korea. On literally every block in this area of Daegu new highrises are being built. Trump is actually constructing a series of 3 or 4 buildings named (suprisingly) the Trump Towers. But everywhere you find western influences which is pretty humorous in some cases because the errors,most unknown,that are made. My favorite all time is the Dr.Quacks Clinic. I think I would choose another Dr.!

One of the funniest things happened today on the way back from jogging in the park. I flagged down a taxi which is always an adventure because they tend to cut across 4 lanes of traffic to get you. And then when you get in they cut back across 4 lanes of traffic. I find myself holding my breath most the time scared to move. Well the taxi that picked me up knew a little english and decided to sing one of the only songs he knew. So here am I and a crazy cab driver driving 130 Kmh swerving in and out of traffic singing "My sacrifice" by CREED on the most beautiful day this year! I hate Creed but I had to sing along because it was sooooo random. I guess he listens to the English radio....I have no idea.

The park was nice but I still haven't got use to the staring Koreans tend to do. I'm sure they are going "look at the stupid American", or talking about me. I really don't care and have found out if you return the stare they usually look away. I guess it isn't rude here but since I do a lot of exploring alone it sometimes gets on my nerves but hey I'm the visitor so I have to except their customs so I'll survive.

Well I took afew pics but they aren't that great since I was in a rush. I'll be at the park tomorrow and will try to get more picks. Also I will some pics of myself since I'm getting a haircut. I considered growing my hair out but I dont have the patience and I like being able to fix my hair without a comb or brush. I am told they butcher your hair but it will be entertaining at least. well not for me but for everyone else.

Hope all is well back home and abroad. hope to hear from everyone soon.

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