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Back to sea level and normal oxygen levels !
Hola ! Well, I'm here in Chile and before I forget I have to say that the Chileños are really nice people, very welcoming and warm. Once we arrived in San Pedro de Acatama me and Denis set out to find a hostel, something I have never had a problem with before but obviously down here I think I'm going to have to start booking in advance which is a bit of a pain. Eventually I found one and Denis, who had been there before went back to his old...

Just like at Grandma´s!
Bleary-eyed and half-asleep, we arrived in the cold early morning at quaint La Serena. Hardly a soul in sight, we made our way in the 4.30am pre-dawn darkness to the little street of Los Rojas in search of Casa Maria´s "Ring the bell" Once...twice...three times... "Do you think someone will answer?" "Oh, I hear someone" "Hola? Casa Maria`s?" "Si, si! Come in..." The door opened to a warm and cosy living room and Adreas, Maria´s son, sho...

lagrima de san pedro
I lost the boys today. I needed some space. And that means I´ve really had a chance to explore La Serena. When we arrivied here, I just considered it a stop over on the way to San Pedro but now that we have stayed a couple of days I like it more and more. Its so much prettier than Santiago, its more spanish and much much cleaner. There are something like fifty two churches here and hundreds of statures of Maria. I got up early (still no hot water...

the tassie connection¿
I´m about to board an overnighter to San Pedro but I couldn´t wait to tell you all about the first tassie connection. At the moment we are staying with a Chilean family in La Serena, this coastal town north of Santiago.This is not a particularly popular place let me just stress, its just some random town off the map. Staying with us ,are maybe five or six other guests. LAst night, we were sitting around drinking pisco and Steve made friends with ...

About La Serena
La Serena, with an aproximate latitude of -29,90778 (5° 31' 9" S) and a longitude of -71,25417 (44° 44' 9" W), is located in the area / state of Coquimbo around 395 kilometers north (352°) of Santiago, the capital of Chile. A 10 square km area around La Serena has an aproximate population of 154521 and an average elevation of 51 meters above the sea. So far 24 pictures and 5 stories has been uploaded during travels in La Serena.
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