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Maungaturoto Travel Stories
Piroa - the Hidden Treasure
Sometimes it pays to check out the back roads instead of taking the usual tourist designated routes most visitors to my area go to.Usually in the case of Maungaturoto, it's just a small town one passes through before arriving at the world renowned Matakohe Kauri Museum 19k's further on. Well take some good old fashioned kiwi advice - take a diversion. Turn right onto Gorge Rd in Maungaturoto itself and follow the signs that say "Piroa Falls". I...

About Maungaturoto
Maungaturoto, with an aproximate latitude of -36,1 (53° 59' 9" S) and a longitude of 174,3667 (22° 0' 1" E), is located around 577 kilometers north (356°) of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. A 10 square km area around Maungaturoto has an aproximate population of 790 and an average elevation of 78 meters above the sea. So far 5 pictures and 1 stories has been uploaded during travels in Maungaturoto.
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