New Zealand
Invercargill Travel Stories
Because it's there
It's not Mount Everest but when people asked me why I wanted to go to Invercargill this is my honest answer, pure and simple: Because it's there, as George Mallory said when asked about his reason to climb Mount Everest. First of all I like the name of the city how cool it sounds, then this city happens to be the southernmost city in New Zealand and going there it will also be my personal southernmost place I've been so far. And another reaso...

About Invercargill
Invercargill, with an aproximate latitude of -46,4 (36° 0' 0" S) and a longitude of 168,35 (20° 59' 9" E), is located around NaN kilometers south west (220°) of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. A 10 square km area around Invercargill has an aproximate population of 47287 and an average elevation of 10 meters above the sea. So far 19 pictures and 1 stories has been uploaded during travels in Invercargill.
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