Helsingborg Travel Stories
SWEDEN: Land of the Really Really Really good meatballs
So after my weekend in Dublin, I flew to Copenhagen, Denmark to spend a week with Jenny (a girl that I worked in the hostel with in Jerusalem). She lives in the very south of Sweden (in a city called Helsingborg), so far south that you just drive across a bridge and you are in Denmark. Of course its about 7 or 8 minutes of driving across the bridge (it¡¦s a really long bridge¡Klol) but then you¡¦re in a different country. So Jenny and her boyfrie...

What Snow in March??
So, I thought the end of March usually brought sunny days and warm days? Well, Sweden didn't get the memo I guess, because I woke up this morning to an overcast day and it was.... SNOWING! And it hasn't stopped yet. Oh well, I guess that is part of the deal when you live in a place like this. And my brother is probably wakeboarding at the moment I am writing this... Well, believe it or not, the real reason I'm writing this isn't to complain a...

About Helsingborg
Helsingborg, with an aproximate latitude of 56,05 (2° 59' 9" N) and a longitude of 12,7 (41° 59' 9" E), is located around 567 kilometers south west (223°) of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. A 10 square km area around Helsingborg has an aproximate population of 91025 and an average elevation of 23 meters above the sea. So far 33 pictures and 2 stories has been uploaded during travels in Helsingborg.
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