Frankfurt Travel Stories
The adventure continues
Sorry I haven't written in a while. I've been too busy training across countries, relaxing in the sun, and working my schedule around volcanic erruptions. Since my previous entry I have travelled down to Rome where I toured around in 25 degree weAther to all the major tourists sites (including my favourite the collesium where I most definitely quoted gladiator!) . I then went to interlaken Switzerland where Martina graciously let me sta...

2 Leather Jackets later .. .. ..
This morning Merrin and I went shopping .. .. .. apparently according to the boys we took over an hour! 2 Leather jackets later we left very happy with our purchases! Reduced down from 160 euro to 75 euro once we get our tax back! Drove out of Black Forest through more goat tracks - we were beginning to wonder if TOM TOM was sending us on right path! 17% gradients some of the roads and only a campervan width wide! Black Forest is just gorgeou...

Welcome To German Customs!
Well after an incredibly long flight up from Hong Kong which Zach slept 5 hours of the 11 hour flight! No sedation needed (yet)! We were welcomed to Germany by being frisked by customs in a way none of us have ever been frisked before! I was told off as I had water in my hand luggage! NO NO NO You Not Allowed! I said ¨throw it out¨ they said ¨special water for baby?¨ I said ¨no just throw it out¨. By this stage they had taken Mark away to r...

leaving frankfurt
The last few hours here in frankfurt.... and then travelling back to the bad weather. While here it is 30 degrees celsius it´s raining in belgium... So yesterday I went to go shopping.... all those people here !!!!! and all those shops!!!!! I was pretty tired and my back was acking when arriving at the hotel. after a few hours rest I went to eat something in the neighbourhood of the shopping area.... altough the shops were closed there were st...

what a heat
This morning getting up at 04 am was very hard to do... I had to catch my train to brussels at 5,15 am... I travelled with the ICE, the german high speed train to frabnkfurt. what a beautiful interior on the train, and so modern comparing yith the Thalys or the TGV. I arrived here at 10,30 and arrived by foot to my hotel. hotel metropole just beside the station. A very good hotel yith spacious rooms FREE minibar and a new bathroom. A good hote...

About Frankfurt
Frankfurt, with an aproximate latitude of 50,11667 (7° 0' 0" N) and a longitude of 8,683333 (40° 59' 9" E), is located in the area / state of Hessen around 493 kilometers south west (233°) of Berlin, the capital of Germany. A 10 square km area around Frankfurt has an aproximate population of 2016224 and an average elevation of 111 meters above the sea. So far 75 pictures and 19 stories has been uploaded during travels in Frankfurt.
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