Rennes Travel Stories
Walls Fall Down
For those of you worrying that I've lost my will to travel I just wanted to let you know that life is funny sometimes in what it delivers. When I was feeling desolate, and in the same day of learning of Siris' death, I found myslef surrounded by dogs, cats (one literally riding on a guy's shoulder, fat and splayed out across the width of him) and ferrets...all at the Marseille train station and on the train. And soon after that I found myself i...

Rennes, the french medical system-and home again.
Well, I'm writing this entry from back home London in a development I didn't expect to happen. Three days ago I wondered downstairs in the pitch dark and managed to throw myself down the stairs in spectacular fashion. Next day with an ankle the size of a balloon a friend and I drove down to the hospital. A high tech x-ray, or as the french call it a radio, and lots of wild gesturing followed. No fracture, ligament, ligament. Before being sent dow...

Rennes, the medieval rabbit warren
I arrived at the tiny St Jacqes aeroport in a very hot Rennes a few of days ago. My first impression of the city was not the most positive. I was collected at the airport and taken to lunch -- to a cafeteria attached to a supermarket of epic proportions. The outskirts of the city is glaringly modern and not the most attractive of places, but don't judge it on that. Next day I ventured into centre-ville, which is a bit of a mixture of architectur...

About Rennes
Rennes, with an aproximate latitude of 48,48333 (28° 59' 9" N) and a longitude of -0,4833333 (31° 0' 0" W), is located in the area / state of Pays de la Loire around 258 kilometers west (259°) of Paris, the capital of France. A 10 square km area around Rennes has an aproximate population of 4732 and an average elevation of 155 meters above the sea. So far 31 pictures and 4 stories has been uploaded during travels in Rennes.
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