Lunugala Travel Stories
Jeep safari ( day III - Mini world's end)
The byroad started from the junction at Lunugala Police station, turned in to a hilly & narrow one within the first kilometer in distance. Condition of the road was acceptable because it had been repaired recently. Having climbing the hill, we came to a place known as Janathapura, a small village on a gap of two ranges of mountains. Janathapura was a three way junction. There were two roads at the western face of the range. (we came from the E...

About Lunugala
Lunugala, with an aproximate latitude of 7,116667 (7° 0' 0" N) and a longitude of 81,06667 (4° 0' 0" E), is located around 60 kilometers east (81°) of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. A 100 square km area around Lunugala has an aproximate population of 2591564 and an average elevation of 709 meters above the sea. So far 37 pictures and 1 stories has been uploaded during travels in Lunugala.
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