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Nuwara Eliya 2008 ( Day II ) Horton Plains
Welfare journey 2008 ( Day II ) 22.06.2008 It was a cool & misty morning. Having the brake fast we moved to Nuwara Eliya town and let the travelers to have a little shopping there. Afterwards we visited our first travel location, Lake Meepilimanna where a popular film location in Sri Lanka. Our second location was the New Zeeland farm at Ambewela. That name was given because of similarity of the climate & the appearance with a typical dair...

The Great Horton Plains ( Maha Eliya )
Another day begun with a clear sky.. It was not as cold as our last visit. Lots of people visiting Horton plains and Worlds End were passing through Pattipola.. Ah... Forgot to mentions, Pattipola has the hight Railway station in Sri Lanka. And people who visit Nuwara Eliya goes thought this beautiful peace of land... We got ready and leave bungalow ( It is the same place we stayed on last visit to Nuwara Eliya ) at about 9.00 am to get to H...

Back to Home
Day : 3 I think anybody didn’t sleep at the night except Chamila. Following day, In the morning, huge mist around us. Till 9 - 9.30AM that climate didn’t changed. We prepared hot tea jest got up and discussed about today plan. Finally we decided to packed and get back our bags to van then visit worlds end & bakers fall. Tharaka didn’t came with us Suranga also not came but rest of us walked through the footpath across the Horton plains. Around...

Move to Horton Plains Camping Site
Day : 2 Following day I got up early in the morning. Others were still sleeping. I got some landscape shots around the bungalow. Mr Aruna who is the manager of Oliphant State arranged us to visit and see activities of Oliphant tea factory. Only the permitted persons can visit that tea factory. After having breakfast prepared by bungalow keepers we went to the tea factory located near the Oliphant Bungalow. Around 12PM we have leaved Oliphant ...

Move to Nuwara Eliya
Day : 1 Friday evening at around 5PM we have started our journey. Our destination was Oliphant Bungalow. We hoped to move there before mid night. Selected path was through low level road to Awissawella, Hatton and finally Nuwara Eliya because this days Colombo – Kandy & Gampola – Nuwra Eliya roads were under repair. Oliphant state is very beautiful and one of the highest tea states of Sri Lanka. We moved to the Oliphant bungalow around 12AM. I...

About Horton Plains
Horton Plains, with an aproximate latitude of 6,8 (47° 59' 9" N) and a longitude of 80,8 (47° 59' 9" E), is located around 47 kilometers east (98°) of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. A 100 square km area around Horton Plains has an aproximate population of 1882267 and an average elevation of 677 meters above the sea. So far 176 pictures and 8 stories has been uploaded during travels in Horton Plains.
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