Lahore Travel Stories
Religion, Morality, Kites & Dusk Magic
It soon became apparent that Iranian President; Ahmadinejad, was serious about his pledge to not make it easy for foreigners to visit his nation. The weeks drew on as I waited for my visa application to be processed and so I decided to leave Lahore and explore the few areas of Pakistan that were neither bitterly cold nor off-limits for reasons of security. It was in the ancient city of Multan in the western Punjab that I actually found my p...

The Magical Nights of Now
We have all experienced them at one point or another; nights that are just a stream of magic from start to finish. They can not be planned nor replicated, only lived now. Lahore seemed to swim in abundance of the indefinable elements that make such nights possible and they converged on numerous occasions in my short few weeks there, but two nights in particular were so charged with magic that they will never be forgotten. I had unwittingly...

God Is
It was a dark, grey, spitting day when I awoke in the Golden Temple and finally declared, “I’m going to cycle to Pakistan today!” After ten kilometres, the spitting had turned into a shower. After twenty kilometres, the shower had turned into a downpour and after thirty, I had arrived at the Wagah Border, soaked and shivering like a puppy just in from the rain. I was soon warmed up though with a most fitting parting gift from the Indian bord...

About Lahore
Lahore, with an aproximate latitude of 31,54972 (32° 58' 9" N) and a longitude of 74,34361 (20° 36' 9" E), is located in the area / state of Punjab around 248 kilometers (155°) of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. A 10 square km area around Lahore has an aproximate population of 6310888 and an average elevation of 210 meters above the sea. So far 57 pictures and 3 stories has been uploaded during travels in Lahore.
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