About Seoul
Seoul, with an aproximate latitude of 37,56639 (33° 59' 0" N) and a longitude of 126,9997 (59° 58' 9" E), is located in the area / state of Soul-t'ukpyolsi around 0 kilometers north (0°) of Seoul, the capital of Korea, South.

A 10 square km area around Seoul has an aproximate population of 20698624 and an average elevation of 50 meters above the sea. So far 318 pictures and 56 stories has been uploaded during travels in Seoul.
Seoul Travel Stories
A Surprise City Tour
Seoul, 12 January While the aircraft was descending, the pilot made an announcement that the current local weather outside is -10C. Brrrrr! Just th...

Missed our Flight...Not Surprised.
Sorry for the serious lack of updates in the past few days. Turns out internet is not a common option at hotels in Shanghai. To be honest, neither is ...

Kyong Ju and the Silla Dynasty
Today we headed up to Kyong Ju to check out the very famous temple there. It's one of the few left that, according to our tour guide, have over a mill...

Days 1 & 2: Lots of Bus Driving!
We are in Day 2 of our Korea tour. Yesterday we arrived in Incheon airport at 6am and immediately started our tour to Kukkiwon, the World Tae Kwon Do ...

Problems Even Before We Start!
Alright, my little vent session is going in here.... So every year my dad's martial arts school goes on a tour to Korea and/or China to visit "the ...

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