Parapat Travel Stories
Surreal Sumatra
I landed in Medan, Sumatra’s major city and began a rather surreal adventure. I was immediately reminded of India as crazy and dusty chaos ruled the streets. This seemed more Kolkata than Kuala Lumpur and I liked it, strangely it all felt more familiar. Confusion began quickly of course, in the form of a crazed and enraged pink haired old lady from Leigh Park, Portsmouth (if you know it, I’ll say no more) who had no idea what she was doing but...

About Parapat
Parapat, with an aproximate latitude of 3,216667 (13° 0' 0" N) and a longitude of 99,23333 (13° 59' 9" E), is located around 940 kilometers north west (321°) of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. A 100 square km area around Parapat has an aproximate population of 925292 and an average elevation of 180 meters above the sea. So far 39 pictures and 1 stories has been uploaded during travels in Parapat.
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