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The Final Destination
We arrived here and we are leaving from here. For them, back home and for me, back to Rishikesh where I will continue my yoga studies. The check-in was very challenging. The guy at the front desk was so confused. His excuse was there were three groups who checked in simultaneously. Wow, that will confuse someone with his job? Either he does not have enough training or he was not competent. One by one, the group was lead to their rooms, at least t...

Group Arrival to India
Sometime early last year, my students asked me to take them to India. Here we are. Ten of them joined me. Only one of them has been to India before for his work. Now we are all here with still another leg of the journey to arrive at our first final destination, Rishikesh. The itinerary is full of action packed activities starting with the Himalayas and an exposure to ashram life. From Delhi, we took the train to Haridwar. The group is here fo...

24 hours of Delhi
I decided to fly back to Delhi instead of taking the minibus from Leh to Manali and then on to Haridwar because not only had I heard that the road was treacherous but the only reason to endure the 20 straight-hour journey to Manali (and then 17 more hours to Haridwar) is to see the views but the buses all left at midnight so I wouldn't get seeing much in the dark anyway. With my knee still recovering I also thought that it might be better to not...

INDIA: Land of Craziness
So after leaving New Zealand, the first country we (my team of 6) travelled to was India (after a nice layover in Singapore). We landed in New Delhi around 11pm and it was still 40 degrees Celcius! You can imagine what it was like during the day time. I think the temperature hovered around 45-48 degrees in the peak of day (48 C = 118 F). Besides being sweltering hot, India is everything that people say it is, crowded, dirty and noisy. But it is a...

Holi arrives!
Today has been a day like no other at the Kalkaji Asha center. It is the afternoon right now and English classes have been abandoned today. This is partly because there are so few students that classes are hardly worth taking. (My students are doing board exams at school and are increasingly reluctant to attend my class during this month of exams!) Mostly, however, it is because tomorrow is the Hindu festival of colours, Holi, and the traditional...

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New Delhi, with an aproximate latitude of 28,6 (36° 0' 0" N) and a longitude of 77,2 (12° 0' 0" E), is located in the area / state of Delhi around 0 kilometers north (0°) of New Delhi, the capital of India. A 10 square km area around New Delhi has an aproximate population of 317897 and an average elevation of 214 meters above the sea. So far 154 pictures and 40 stories has been uploaded during travels in New Delhi.
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