About Mysore
Mysore, with an aproximate latitude of 12,30722 (18° 25' 9" N) and a longitude of 76,64972 (38° 58' 9" E), is located in the area / state of Karnataka around 1812 kilometers south (182°) of New Delhi, the capital of India.

A 10 square km area around Mysore has an aproximate population of 868313 and an average elevation of 758 meters above the sea. So far 64 pictures and 8 stories has been uploaded during travels in Mysore.
Mysore Travel Stories
Visiting Friends in my old Stomping Ground
I am counting the last few days in India. As usual, time flies so fast. It’s time to leave again. It seems I just arrived last week. Since yoga fes...

Mysore - The Last frontier
My days are numbered and Mysore is really, truly my last stop. I have no specific agenda here other than visit friends. I did not even take any photos...

India Week 3: where the wind took us
If you want to travel in India on the cheap, we recommend the long-distance overnight buses. You get to properly lie down in a double bed with a curta...

In the steps of the Maharajas!!
We are now in Mysore where we have seen a maharajas Palace and also just walked down 1000 steps to try to get good karma points! Last night as it...

mysore and some deep thoughts of the day
before i begin i'd just like to say one thing. yes, it is true that indian people stare at us all the time. everywhere. anytime. doing whatever. even ...

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