Kannur Travel Stories
The rest of adventures in Cannanore aka Kannur
25 December: Christmas is not celebrated in the Hindu tradition. On the 24th I spent most of the day in school. Then I got spared and was able to attend the small gathering Christmas dinner that was organized by one of the students. The event was held at Mascot Beach Resort near Pulmayalam. There were 22 of us with students coming from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Poland, Kuwait, France, Jamaica, Spain and the US. The Latinas domina...

Studies and Excursion on the Backwaters
After a full schedule studying in Rishikesh, I left at the end of last month and gave myself one full day to travel to the very tip of India all the way to Kannur, Kerala. The journey actually took about 24 hours. I left Rishikesh to catch the Patadbi Express from Haridwar to Delhi around 19:30 and arrived at midnight. Then the flight from Delhi to Kozhikode (Calicut) with two stops landed around 13:25. Another (final) transfer via taxi to Kannur...

About Kannur
Kannur, with an aproximate latitude of 11,85 (50° 59' 9" N) and a longitude of 75,36667 (22° 0' 0" E), is located in the area / state of Kerala around 1865 kilometers south (186°) of New Delhi, the capital of India. A 10 square km area around Kannur has an aproximate population of 62836 and an average elevation of 0 meters above the sea. So far 12 pictures and 2 stories has been uploaded during travels in Kannur.
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