Haridwar Travel Stories
My First Group Tour
Two years ago, I presented some karma dollars for an ashram in the village to help build a school for the children there. Early this year, I learned that the entire school was burned down accidentally by one of the kids. Oh, how she felt bad I would imagine. So I made a way to help them again. I did a fund raising, dinner and direct solicitation to my friends. I set a goal and I easily reached it. So I increased it another notch and I achieved it...

Dipping my feet into the sacred Ganges with the locals
I've spent a few days in Rishikesh practicing yoga on the roof of my guesthouse, getting an interesting (somewhat violent) massage, exploring the strange cultish place that is Rishikesh, trying to get rid of a parasite that I seem to have picked up along the way, and enjoying the company of some really cool travelers staying here. Then yesterday I decided to head back to Haridwar to experience their nightly fire ceremony (ganga aarti) on the Gan...

From Delhi, taking the train to Haridwar is an 8 hours journey. It is cold. Now I have an excuse to get that Kashmir sweater that I had been wanting. Stuffed up nose, my first 8 hours train ride did not go well. I claimed that I can sleep through anything but not this one. As I peeked from the aisles of my berth, it sure looked like a prison cell with iron bars and rails all over. I am surrounded by an army of snoozing and farting Indians on ...

haridwar to jodhpur
when it was time to leave rishikesh, tears and sadness, we caught a bus to haridwar where i had been about 8 years ago. i hated it then and my feelings had not changed at all. we visited the large temple on the hill, which was filthy and not hinduisms most attractive selling point, we ate the worst dhal ever in india (now thats a statement), were pestered to death and ended up thankful at catching that nights train to jodhpur. unfortunately neil ...

About Haridwar
Haridwar, with an aproximate latitude of 29,96667 (58° 0' 0" N) and a longitude of 78,16667 (10° 0' 0" E), is located around 159 kilometers north east (31°) of New Delhi, the capital of India. A 10 square km area around Haridwar has an aproximate population of 186079 and an average elevation of 279 meters above the sea. So far 33 pictures and 5 stories has been uploaded during travels in Haridwar.
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