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Finals Days in India
In the previous chapter, I was in Rishikesh for the Kumbh Mela and yoga studies. The plan was to stay there and spend the last week in Bangalore and Mysore to see friends. I believe there was much “germs” in the air in Rishikesh. For about four days, I did not sleep well during the night because there was no power. I can not open the door while sleeping because of monkeys and the window ventilation was not adequate. Every time power goes out, I w...

Pondicherry and Danvangere
22 November, Saturday Greetings, y’all. Between studies and socializing, the week behind was very much full. Guru and I went to Puducherry for a day so he can discuss our school’s participation in the International Yoga Festival in January. He has about 100 participating students for the yogasana competition. I will be part of the workshop. We took the bus at night, arrived early morning, worked, then took the bus that same night, arrived in B...

Studies and Challenges Continue
16 November, Sunday The “shift” or relocation was, again, uneventful. There was no thunderous excitement rather I was imbued with caveat and somewhat discouraged despair of the presence of an ethereal healthy sleep. Though the wish was real, the reassurance is mildly heartbreaking for I must remind myself where I am. It’s been two days since I moved into my new gruha. (I like that word.) The first night was an absolute blessing as my slumb...

Studies, More Cultural Experiences
7 November: This morning my guru picked me up and we went to Lalbagh to practice yoga. It is out in the open and nature is the perfect place to practice. On our way there, I saw an mighty, gigantic banyan tree. A banyan tree has roots sticking out all over that looks like the trunk. Here is my poem dedicated to the banyan tree. What secret does it keep the mighty banyan tree. Where is the vast enchantment to see. Great stretches of bro...

Settling Down
Thursday, 6 November The jet lag is easing up. I now get up at 4:00 am instead of 1:00 am. T, I could not heed your advice on the jet lag cure. I did not have time to view the clip before leaving thinking that I would have easy access to internet when I arrive here. (There is that ASSuming word again!) It spells trouble, every time! The jet lag is not just rough on my body but also on my mind. I wake up feeling hazy and my mind is not as lucid...

About Bangalore City
Bangalore City, with an aproximate latitude of 12,98333 (58° 59' 9" N) and a longitude of 77,58333 (34° 59' 9" E), is located in the area / state of Karnataka around 1737 kilometers south (179°) of New Delhi, the capital of India. A 10 square km area around Bangalore City has an aproximate population of 5104147 and an average elevation of 906 meters above the sea. So far 0 pictures and 7 stories has been uploaded during travels in Bangalore City.
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