Beijing Travel Stories
I climbed the Great Wall!
Yes, today was yet another fun-filled day starting with the Great Wall. We had a driver today, which was a pleasant change from the taxis we have been in over the course of our trip. Mr. Li was his name, and he was very helpful along our journey. We went to the Juyongguan entrance of the Great Wall. I had initially thought I had never been to that entrance before, but once I got there I realized it was the exact place I visited last year! It w...

Conference and Hot Pot!!!
All these days have been filled with so much activity! This morning, I woke up at 5:45am to go to breakfast at 6:30am. We had to get on the buses by 7:30 or 7:40am to head down to the China National Convention Center for the speeches and the breakout sessions. We had an interesting morning. I am so fortunate to be able to go to these conferences at such a young age. I get to travel with very interesting people and learn about so many diffe...

Tourists in Beijing
My roles today: 1) Tour Guide 2) Photographer 3) Interpreter 4) Food critic 5) Tourist 6) Writer Apparently, I do a lot. It was a beautiful Monday morning. This morning we visited Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. We hailed a taxi ourside of the hotel , and he took us close to Tiananmen Square (right across the street behind another street). We had to go through a mini security to get there. More to come on this... So I ...

Oh the joy of shopping!
This morning we went to the Silk Market at Xinshuijie. We bargained like crazy with Chinese vendors! I always thought they had an interesting approach to selling. It's what I like to call "in-your-face marketing". It's a method that may drive the shy away and eventually make the fierce worthy of a cause. The cause: to get the best price! It was very exciting. That was the morning. Then we ate at the pizza place right outside the market. Joan ...

Sanlitun Bar Street
Traffic during commute hours in Beijing can be very tiring. Long waits and bumper to bumper cars moving at a snail’s pace are daily occurrences. The weather in Beijing can be draining to its inhabitants. Bone-chilling temperatures with arctic wind chill factor in the early spring can be made worse by a sand storm coming from the desert. When this happens, the sky is turned into brownish yellow and the visibility is reduced to just a few tens of m...

About Beijing
Beijing, with an aproximate latitude of 39,92889 (55° 44' 0" N) and a longitude of 116,3883 (23° 17' 8" E), is located in the area / state of Beijing around NaN kilometers east (90°) of Beijing, the capital of China. A 10 square km area around Beijing has an aproximate population of 7480601 and an average elevation of 60 meters above the sea. So far 2049 pictures and 195 stories has been uploaded during travels in Beijing.
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