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Challenge: Get out of Malawi on 500 kwacha or less!
After having spent almost a month in Malawi, I was running low on kwacha, but I didn't want to go to an ATM because the "official" exchange rate the banks use is so much less than the actual rate used everywhere else.  I could have changed some more US dollars of course but since I had to get of the country before my 30 day visa expired, I decided to see if I could get out of the country on the 5000 kwacha (about $20) I had left.  Considering tha...

Running for Wildlife
Lots of busy work over the last couple of weeks in preparation for last weekends’ Run for Wildlife. In past years, this event has taken place at a local school track, where sponsored runners ran to see how many laps they could complete in one hour. This year, in addition to the school race, Lilongwe hosted the first ever road race to happen in Malawi – a 12 kilometer foot race through the center of the city. In all, 700 runners competed for a gra...

What a busy time! Between working at the wildlife centre and the LSPCA, it sounds like I will be working pretty much 7 days a week for the next 5 ½ months. Last week I went with the LSPCA to assist with a free rabies vaccine and microchip clinic in a local village called Kauma. This is important contribution to the local communities, as there are many human deaths here from bites from rabid dogs. Once we arrived in the village, we set up a sha...

Malawi at last!
The journey begins again. A bit of a disappointment at the San Francisco airport ticket counter in finding out that I did not have an aisle seat that I usually request for long flights, but a sweet surprise was getting an upgrade to premium class on the SFO to London leg of the flight. “It’s not aisle, but the seats are only 2 across, and you’re gonna love your seat” the woman at the ticket counter told me. Man, was she ever right. The first thin...

It is amazing how fast and what you learn within the realms of travelling, especially when done the public way. An experience like this can either make you or break you and in our case I have found a great build in character strength from the both of us. We sometimes face difficult, hot and dirty days of moving from one place to another, our time consumed with more interval stops than actual driving. Recently we had to buy back our Bibles fro...

About Lilongwe
Lilongwe, with an aproximate latitude of -13,98333 (1° 0' 0" S) and a longitude of 33,78333 (46° 59' 9" E), is located around 0 kilometers west (270°) of Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. A 10 square km area around Lilongwe has an aproximate population of 646750 and an average elevation of 1028 meters above the sea. So far 43 pictures and 30 stories has been uploaded during travels in Lilongwe.
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