Aberdares Travel Stories
Tea and the Ark
Friday, 30th July 2004 Another day on the road....well, a quite short hop, actually. Left Lake Nakuru early and made our way into the Mount Kenya foothills. We spent nearly two hours climbing into light mist, as “rush-hour” went on around us. As we ascended, the scenery became more and more lush, and the mist heavier. We were passing through one of the serious agricultural regions of Kenya, between farms and plantations. First vegetable...

About Aberdares
Aberdares, with an aproximate latitude of -0,4166667 (34° 59' 9" S) and a longitude of 36,63333 (37° 59' 9" E), is located in the area / state of Central around 98 kilometers north (348°) of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. A 100 square km area around Aberdares has an aproximate population of 171056 and an average elevation of 2108 meters above the sea. So far 1 pictures and 1 stories has been uploaded during travels in Aberdares.
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