Axum Travel Stories
Seeing a bit of history in Tigrai (with a large dose of hassle)
The town of Axum was apparently once the center of a powerful empire but today it's a pretty small town with a lot of history in the form of ruins. Scattered around the town are tombs, palaces (most of which are just a pile of rocks now), and stelae (huge stones that the people used to erect like tombstones for their rulers). Apparently the largest of the stelae collapsed when they tried to erect it (and fell on one of their other king's huge t...

About Axum
Axum, with an aproximate latitude of 14,12972 (7° 46' 9" N) and a longitude of 38,71583 (42° 56' 9" E), is located around 567 kilometers north (0°) of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. A 10 square km area around Axum has an aproximate population of 41249 and an average elevation of 2154 meters above the sea. So far 28 pictures and 1 stories has been uploaded during travels in Axum.
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